Ricky Gervais, with beautiful Beagle Betsy.

FLOE's Patron, Peter Egan, with Betsy.

Photos © Joseph Sinclair/FLOE

MPs debate Peter Egan’s petition: ‘Change the law to include laboratory animals in the Animal Welfare Act’.

Laboratory dogs, and other lab animals, are entirely excluded from the Animal Welfare Act, and the protection of its unnecessary suffering clause. MPs gathered on February 7th to debate Peter Egan’s Parliament petition: Change the Law to Include Laboratory Animals in the Animal Welfare Act.

Led by Martyn Day MP, great cross-party MPs took part in this debate, including Dr. Lisa Cameron MP, primary sponsor of Parliament EDM 278, Patricia Gibson MP, Margaret Ferrier MP, Tan Dhesi MP, Wera Hobhouse MP and John Nicolson MP.

Watch the playlists:

Martyn Day MP with Dr. Lisa Cameron MP at Peter Egan’s Westminster Hall debate: ‘Include Laboratory Animals in the Animal Welfare Act’. – YouTube

Patricia Gibson MP on the urgent need for FLOE’s science hearing, & consistency in animal sentience. – YouTube

Tan Dhesi MP on the medical failure of animal experiments, and their appalling cruelty to all. – YouTube

Wera Hobhouse MP on the need for the UK to lead by example: ban a failed practice and align with public opinion. – YouTube

Government Minister Kit Malthouse justifying the use of animal experiments by claiming they are essential for the development of new human medicines. – YouTube

John Nicolson MP on the unacceptable suffering of laboratory animals and the need to enshrine the rights of these animals in the Animal Welfare Act. – YouTube

Rachael Maskell on urgent need to recognise the medical failure of animal experiments. – YouTube

Luke Pollard MP: we should not accept sentient animals in labs, animal experiments must end. – YouTube

Government Minister Kit Malthouse MP states that if laboratory animals were included in the Animal Welfare Act, there would be no animal experimentation:

Watch cross-party MPs call for the EDM 278 science hearing as a matter of urgency, (previously tabled as EDM 175), to prove that the Government is being misled by those with a financial vested interest in animal experiments, now proven to entirely fail the search for human treatments and cures:

Watch Government Minister Kit Malthouse MP justifying horrific experiments on dogs, and other animals, by falsely claiming they save human lives. This is why we need the EDM 278 science hearing: