Ricky Gervais, with beautiful Beagle Betsy.

FLOE's Patron, Peter Egan, with Betsy.

Photos © Joseph Sinclair/FLOE

Take Action with EDM 175

Ricky Gervais is helping us call for a rigorous public scientific hearing, mandated by the Government, to end false claims about human medicine which perpetuate the archaic cruelty of animal experiments.

Please take action to help: visit this link to ask your MP to sign Parliament EDM 25, which calls for a science hearing to publicly prove what is already widely reported in the medical literature: animal experiments are failing the search for human treatments and cures.

The EDM’s science hearing is urgently needed because the Government is being advised by those with a financial vested interest in outdated animal experiments, which has nothing to do with current medical knowledge.

During their filmed conversation, medical doctor Ray Greek explains to Ricky Gervais why key biological differences between animals and humans lead to worthless and damaging results from animal experiments. Ricky says the outcome of this public science hearing “will be the greatest scientific discovery in the world: that animal testing doesn’t work, let’s stop it and put all this money into something that works… it’s a game changer!”

Founded upon current medical evidence, the EDM’s science hearing will explain the widely documented failure of animal tests in the search for human treatments and cures: a failure reported by the British Medical Journal [1] and Food and Drug Administration, which states that 9 out of 10 new human medicines fail in human clinical trials, because animals cannot predict human responses. [2] Pharmaceutical companies write openly about the failure of animal tests in their drug development process: [3] the US-based National Cancer Institute says we have lost cures for cancer because studies in rodents have been believed. [4]

Betsy is helping us lead the way: dogs are family members and they are being abused in experiments that also cause real harm and fatalities to humans, This medical failure happens for the same reasons humans never visit the vet when they fall ill. It is time to ask the Government to mandate this science hearing in order to understand that they are being misled by a financial vested interest in an archaic practice, founded upon outdated and false claims about medical science, which is damaging to both humans and animals.


Simply type in your postcode at this link to ask your MP to sign EDM 25, for a science hearing to stop the false claims about human medicine which continue to fund cruel experiments on dogs, and other animals.


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